Anxious Collection

Anxious Collection

The "@nxious collection." A collection for those, that can't describe their daily vibe but their style and spontaneity flow in the days,  A mix of loud colors that seem to have enough graphic to draw attention but feel welcoming enough to start a conversation. 

@nxious designed by mainly the "ladies" here. You got everything from what you wear to what you cuddle. You can fill your room and wrap yourself in a design that tells your story of your @nxious vibe. These are all high quality tested and designed by us with the best ink print you will see on "branded" apparel. 

No brands here...We designed it because you are the brand. You are the story that helped us get this funded. You are now the proud billboard wearing and sharing your own story. That alone is raising the awareness your own way. That's a investment in the cause 3 times over. We appreciate you so much. 

We were never about the clothes but thought it was a fun way for people to "express themselves." It really is a unique way of sharing something then a cup of coffee and having nothing else to say but..."Guess what Joanna said today?" 

This just says..."Hey I look awesome, I feel good, I support a cause, I got a story about this weekend, Let's get coffee oh and Joanna is going to be peanut butter and jealous of this outfit!" 



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