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Good Humor

Good Humor Collection is a everything rated as a 5 or above as funny on a panel of 12 people. As you scroll down it is okay to smirk, laugh, and even go.."Oh wow!" A collection that warms that heart and keeps everyone around you guessing. 

These Shirts serve great cause when you are not sure how you feel that day...You can just put on any of these and become your own superhero. These are those that feel great because of the preshrunk cotton but I truly think you wait to pass people by to see if they react. 

These ship to your door step in about 5-10 days in the US and 10-18 days International. No we do not put any kazoos or fake teeth with them. We save those for the Halloween specials only. But hey buy in confidence that 20% of the proceeds goes towards raising anxiety awareness and you now are a proud billboard story of your own. Thanks again for being you! 

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