Air Everywhere Lounger

Air Everywhere Lounger

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Air Everywhere Lounger
Air Everywhere Lounger
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Air Everywhere Lounger
Air Everywhere Lounger
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Air Everywhere Lounger
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Air Everywhere Lounger
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Air Everywhere Lounger
Air Everywhere Lounger
Air Everywhere Lounger
Air Everywhere Lounger


  • Tired of dragging chairs and other seating that weigh a ton? 
  • Looking to lounge like a king or queen? 
  • How about something awesome for camping, Fishing, Outdoor events, Concerts, Picnics, Parks, beaches and more
  • You can store this easily! Making room for guests in style, Make a dramatic entrance as you whisk the sofa through the air.
  • NO heavy things to carry, You can hike further and sleep on AIR! The most comfortable cloud! 
  • NO AIR Pump Needed, Just Natures oxygen and a cool movement that any kid or adult looks awesome doing! 

  • Features
    • It can serve as sleeping bed while camping, A relaxing seat during a concert or in the park while reading.
    • No need inflator pump, it can be inflated against the wind less than 10 seconds, practical to use.
    • With 200kg maximum loading, 2 - 3 people can plop down in comfort.
    • Equipped with storage bag, convenient to store
  • Made of high quality 210D nylon, durable and waterproof. Up to 2 adults.
  • Easy to inflate and deflate in second.
  • Portable and lightweight, with a carrying bag, convenient to take anywhere.
  • The Air Lounger can be used both indoors and outdoors, on cement, grass, sand, cobblestone - any relatively flat type of ground without sharp objects. It even floats in the water, so it can be used as a great pool float or raft!
  • Design: Human engineering design, more comfortable, we add extra thickened tear resistant material on the openings

 Set Up Instruction :

--Open mouth of one side while holding open at your side move forward in a straight line letting air bed fill (do not wave around ).
--Once first side is filled close mouth quickly and open second mouth and do the same thing to fill second side and close mouth quickly.
--Repeat above if needed then hold openings closed and start rolling the end over 3-5 times until mostly tight .
--Grab clips and bend panels to side until clips come together.
--Set it on the ground , slide onto it to relax!

Tips for use in low wind areas
--With a little practice, you can master how to fill the air bed in low wind areas.
--Air bed is inflated simply by opening and closing the puch while moving in a straight direction.
--This process will be repeated until there is sufficient air in the bag to form the seat (about 70% full).
--The top is then folded, rolled and buckled close to seal .
--The filling motion takes a few tries to get the hang of as you need to keep the bag as straight as bend the air tube and make it difficult for air to enter and fill the bag.
--You will need sufficient space to move and inflate air bed but to fill it easy indoors, use a fan or hair dryer on no heat setting to blow air directly into the bag rather than physically moving to get air into it.


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